Tuesday, July 14, 2009

200 UNHCR recognized Rohingya Refugees Arrested by Rela.

A Rela raid started this morning – 22th March 2008 in Ampang Area, Malaysia where most of Rohingya refugees live. The early morning raid took place in Desa Pandan at 4:00 am, Tasik Permai at 6:00am, Ampang Campuran at 10:30 am, Taman Muda and Sri Rayu at 12:00 pm. Estimated over 500 migrants were arrested including 200 UNHCR recognized Rohingya refugees involving some children. Those children are presently attending UNHCR basic education program.
During the raid, Rela physically abused some refugees by beating and kicking those who try to run, who do not stop, who do not come forward, who did not open their door immediately and those showing their UNHCR card.
Most of them were sent to Semenyih detention camp, Lenggeng detention camp and KLIA Immigration depo.
Due to the raid, most of refugees moved into the nearest jungles and bushes. Some of them are still living in the jungle for fear of arrest since Rela and Immigration did not recognized the UNHCR card.
Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization (MERHROM) condemns the raid and request the Malaysian government to release them and allow refugees to stay temporarily while waiting for the Resettlement to the third country.