Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chin Refugees in Malaysia

by Simon

The new bundle of raids can make a chronic fear in lives of refugees who are still assumed as illegal body. Lately raiding is dramatically high everywhere. Dozens of refugees already recognized by UNHCR were extorted and robbed all the property they had that’s a sweating and bloody money they earned from hard-labor, including their phones which are mostly bought in order for the contact from UNHCR office. Many left it unreported because they know that nothing will come out even if they make it reported since refugees in Malaysia are seen illegal and like the pocket money of the police and RELA who are unpaid as announced by the state-run media accordingly. Raised simple questions towards this speculation, are refugees the coined-box of police and RELA?

On contrary, worse, young gangsters arising are another chapter of horror for refugees in Malaysia. Young girls have been befriended malevolently for awhile and given drugs for seducing sex. Consequently, many have been raped. Everyone is on alert and careful in this problem, though. We can say here that young girls are in unsafe situation. At worst, it is knowingly unsalvageable and prevention is seemed impossible at all times. Very few police don’t dare to extort and rob in public as they try best to control their faces at a time while many don’t see that is what most matters. It is said in a saying that fish is good whereas the water is clean. If a refugee is arrested, it is as a liquid-dinner for police. And, the one who is with a refugee status has no right to say anything towards them but to just do and listen to whatever they are accused of. Knowing life in Malaysia is downtrodden deepens a double depression and sickness unconditionally. The nail-baking earning money from a hard-labor that is mostly used for food and in terms of emergency for health and social relations and for visiting relatives, too.

So, why are they working for pay if they are not still recognized by the government? Of course, no choice they have to work because UNHCR can not support every single family of refugee but the essential cases. No one will to work under a big pressure and with absence of freedom. Thanks to Chinese bosses that many of them accept refugees for work that totally does mean that they are helping them solve their problems for food and living. Without them, no doubt they have to lie down on the streets. Even so, police are always triggered extorting and robbing which is the same as a fact that collecting money like an offering at Church. A man purposefully trying to visit to relatives on the down road can be found in detention center or the jail when he is found with no money while being caught and interviewed by the police that immediate result is solvable if money is with him.

(This photo was taken on December,2009. A police man stopped this Chin refugee and extorted his money)

In all aspects, all of refugees in Malaysia are in position of unsafe and uncertain future. The vast majority of fear is if refugee can be resettled in third countries or left unprotected and supplied like this situation for generations and generations. The local media is seemed vividly unaware of being in need to explain how the status between refugee and illegal is different from. The local media agency groups and NGOs are deeply urged to more mention the awareness of refugees internationally and locally.

So far, the inner cries of refugees in Malaysia hardly heard by the world less than it should be. Making an effort to cover the human right abused over refugees in Malaysia is not making the better solution for the dignity of the nation in face of the globe. In fact, it is decaying the devastated politics storming in the nationwide and that has been deep-rooted. In an attempt to gain the dignity of the nation, the Malay government should take actions towards these corrupted happenings everyday. It’s not too late to amend building a new paradigm.

However, it is not so sure of how the government will clear up this havoc. We, therefore can not get over the ASIAN politics virus which is making things worse and complicated more instead of making things solved and progressive for the betterness of the citizens. We all are far more left behind compared with the West. Road to keeping pace with the West is long long to go. But never give up...!! The future is in our enthusiastic hands.