Sunday, February 28, 2010

A report on the event

This is what one of the volunteers who participated in the Malaysian activity of providing provisions to the Sri Lankan refugees on Valentines Day said about the event:
The mission of Wipe A Tear Remove A Pain is firmly etched in our minds and we wanted to express our unconditional love on Valentine’s Day to the needy and underprivileged in some way.

So we decided to help and cheer the Sri Lankan refugees who are in a pitiful plight in Malaysia. Shri Eswaralingam, who is working relentlessly for this cause arranged for eleven refugee families to be present at Kelana D' Putera Condo Poolside at Kelana Jaya Selangor. Shri Eswaralingam briefed the audience about the predicament of these refugees. He pointed out that there were certain areas like medical care and education that needed special attention. The Malaysian volunteers, who had provided transport to bring the refugees there, now rose to the occasion and provided provisions of rice, dhal, oil, sugar and milk to all these families. A medical screening for these refugees had also been arranged by The Divine Society of Shri Nimishananda. This was carried out by Dr. S. Revendran, Dr. Lucky Kaur and Dr. Gaithri Devi who generously volunteered their services free of cost. They checked their blood pressure and glucose levels and gave the refugees general advice about how to maintain good health. The doctors also assured them that they would follow up and administer more medications in the next medical camp. Financial assistance was also provided to an expectant mother who was due to deliver her baby very soon.

Then Dr. Mahadevan, the head of The Divine Society of Shri Nimishananda in Malaysia, spoke about the importance of having faith and hope. He said that as the refugees had left their homes and their loved ones behind in their country, they should transcend these relationships and fill the vacuum in their hearts by connecting themselves to the Divine. Dr. Mahadevan also pointed out that we should remember we are born to experience the eternal bliss of the Soul all the time and share it with others. The refugees responded with love and expressed their whole hearted gratitude. All the participants were served a Satvic, vegetarian lunch. Everybody went home with beaming hearts and a silent prayer that "Wipe a Tear Remove a Pain" should be implemented globally in all sections of society to create a pain-free world.

Wipe a Tear, Remove a Pain!