Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Chin Refugee Died in Juru Detention Centre

Couple of days ago, a recognized Chin refugee named Nang Kap Za Pau a-ka Thang Suan Mung of 17 ages was jailed in Juru detention center in Dec, 2009. He was arrested on the way entering to Malaysia in the border and directly sent to Juru where he was died. He was believed to be suffered from Leptospirosis which is caused by the faeces and urine of animal that contaminated drinking water (it is called animal contagious disease by the locals) and lack of medical care despite the long affected sickness. His detention body number was 3064.
"He was too sick two weeks ago and was allowed being hospitalized in Penang Bukit Matajam Hospital by the Camp authority, where he was died on 10/3/2010 and buried on 12/3/2010 by the help of Catholic Youth Fellowship, Penang, Malaysia and CCF (Chin Christian Fellowship) base in Kuala Lumpur" according to the firm source. In much effort for the funeral service, leaders of CCF, esp, Rev. Lal Pek Lian have widely participated and that service would be impossible without their priceless help done. The detailed information relating to his causing death is being kept investigated by the community body but no result has found yet as the hospital couldn't clarify his sickness on his medical document.
It is however not known well of why he was dead and what caused his sickness. Very sad, the Camp authority delayed informing UNHCR, CRC and his relatives. With respect to the disease being contagious in detention center, two of his inmates are hospitalized where Nang Kap Za Pau dead and no one is allow to visit them that can somehow indicate that they are in a dangerous situation. The information that could be reached out is that, according to source is given; three of detainees had been died in that same detention center believed to be suffered from the same disease since 2008.
It was such a great blessing for refugees having those valuable individuals who are committed to helping those are critically in need.
Over many years, hundreds of recognised refugees from Myanmar had been put in several detention centers. It was said that the arrested refugees were systematically accused of in the court in cases of robbery, theft which was definitely groundless and meant in prevention of the intention act of police. That's why dozens of refugees have been put in Camp and detention center on account of such deceptive accusations that means a recognised refugee shouldn't be put in the jail or detention as his/her status is under the protection of UNHCR.
Instead, he/she should be allowed for refuge temporarily in accordance with the UN Charter. As a matter of fact, UNHCR should not be hesitating in undertaking the rescue task force over refugees detained, by which they are the only potential and the authority as the governmental body only respect links with UNHCR.
Until now, hundreds of detainees are left detained in Camp and detention center that is causing the big traumatic for the related families as well as the community. For that serious and accountable reason, the challenging issue is supposed to be upon the pandemic disease spreading overwhelmingly for those of detainees as of the new access.