Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chin Women Detainee to give birth a baby in Lenggeng camp

3rd March,2010
Kuala Lumpur

A 24 years old Chin women detainee Thla Tin Sui from Bungtlang village, Thantlang Township is said to give birth a new child in the custody between 15- 20 this month. She was arrested as being undocumented person with her husband at their dwelling apartment at 2 o'clock midnight by Immigration on 1st August, 2009 and sent straight her to Lenggeng detention camp.

No longer after the couple was arrested, they were definitely separated and sent them to different camp. The husband Mr. Tial Kio was hurled straight to detention camp in Johor Bahru and he appeared at Kajang court on 19.08.2009. He was found guilty and deemed as illegal migrant by the court that he was given two canes of whipping punishments and one month imprisonment. After one month, he was shifted to Lenggeng camp with his wife and was released after two months by the help of UNHCR and was given an opportunity of claiming his refugee status..

However, the wife has not yet recognized as refugee by the UNHCR and is about to give a new child in custody. "Any intervention and protection for this pregnant women detainee is a must and the UNHCR also need to concentrate and should be given priority to this detainee" one female detainee in the same custody said.

The husband said that his wife is going to have anew born child within this month. . . When asked about his wife hospitalization, he said that my wife has never been hospitalized and haven't had prenatal check up since she was arrested. The food provided to detainees also has already caused her of getting swollen in all part of her body due to malnutrition of their daily food as all detainees have to adjust their health just by having a salty roasted fish. I don't think my wife would have enough energy and would be fit to give birth when the times come. We are really in a very risky situation that only God can help us to face this looming difficulty, he added.

In connection with the camp condition, the ex-detainee husband said that all Burmese detainees protested against the camp authorities for cutting off water supply and not providing enough water for drinking water and bathing for nine days within a recent week. We hardly managed for our survival through out the days and later the demonstration broke up after nine days of water shortage, he said. .

Despite the Malaysia government is planning to issue ID for refugees and to allow them to stay temporarily in the country, we haven't seen any positive result yet. Arrest and raid operation even seem to be more increase in anywhere and to access for intervention and protection for refugee detainees is harder than the past. Many of refugee detainees including children, pregnant women and elderly are still remaining at the camp and some detainees has become abnormal and unconscious after long time imprisonment , a Chin refugee committee said.