Friday, April 2, 2010

Robbers Encroach Chin Refugee Family House

by Patrick
On 16, March a Chin refugee known as Van Kung, and his family living in Kampung Cherus Baru, were robbed along with his friends spending the night with the family by the pretended-police robbers at midnight of 16th, March 2010.

According to VanKung," at around 12 midnight of 16th, March three people who said to be CID and police came to our house. At first, we think they are the real police as they sounded and acted like the way the police usually treat us. Two people came into the living room while one person was guarding the door and locked it. After several questions like the country we come from and the way we make our living also were asked and known that we are Myanmar refugee. They tended to empower their accusative tone by asking us if we use drugs and threatened us to allow them check all our wallets and luggage in the bedrooms," he said.

"After moments, they took all the money they found around RM-1500 along with our 4 mobile phones. When asked them of from which police station they are and their police number, and why they had to do with the phone and money they took from us, they ignored the questions and told us to follow them to the nearby police station". Meanwhile, the guard by the door gave a signal sound and they all fled away as soon as they door was unlocked. I chased them right away along the stairs and fortunately caught one of them just before he crossed the high way street.

In fact, we did wrestle for awhile till I got help from my friends but unfortunately all the money and hand phones had been gone with the two men. We didn't harm him as we were pleaded with a tone of repentance and all passers-by and neighbors eyed on us. Instead, we handed him over to a group of motorcyclists who we think of them are his colleagues approaching us since the incident happened on the road along. We of course lodged a report to the police but hopeless of getting back the things robbed.

Do the Chin refugees in Malaysia really has become the most target victim of robbers and police? A scene of chin refugee family was robbed by fraud police (they might be believed to be gangsters) on 16 March 2010 warning Refugees in Malaysia with many signals in which many can be suffered by the hidden struggles of gangsters. An unnamed friend of Van Kung in an informal chi-chat added; "we are not supported for a living by UNHCR except for the undertaking procedures of resettlement, we have no choice to work for a living, especially with big families. Truth, we were extremely sad on the happenings when all money paid with hard labor were robbed".

"We are truly in a very awkward position for the future how our lives would be as long as the robbery and extortion non-stop occurring, in addition to figures above, incarcerating though with UNHCR card is a high fear soaring among the community" said a community worker.