Sunday, October 17, 2010

Burmese Refugees Arrested in Terengganu-Malaysia

By James,
21 Burmese refugees were arrested in Terenganu, Malaysia on Oct 11, 2010.
All of them are UNHCR recognized refugees and Rohingya ethnic of Burma. The raid started at 1:00am of mid-night, followed by local villagers.
Area based refugee representative, Mr Nezum said, they were lifted to Tenah Maerah detention camp which is the worst detention camp in Malaysia where UNHCR is not assessed. It was lucky that it numbered 21 Rohingyas only as many were escaped into the jungle.
Another raid joined by Municipal in Selayang-KL on 13 Oct 2010, swept about hundred migrants but unconfirmed how many refugees were involved.
Area based refugee representatives concern seriously for the primitive situation and urge concern quarter to play effective and fair role, including assistance of vulnerable refugee family and vulnerable over aged refugee.