Sunday, December 12, 2010

Driven to help the less fortunate

THAJUDDIN Mustaffar (pic), 55, who has been a driver with the UNHCR since 1978, will be honoured for being the longest serving staff member of the UN agency in Asia.
He will be receiving the award at the agency’s 60th anniversary celebrations in Geneva on Dec 14.
The ceremony will celebrate the contributions of UNHCR staff in protecting and assisting refugees.
Thajuddin started out by driving UNHCR staff to the various camps and meetings. He was also often involved in the distribution of aid to refugees in various places.
In 1993, Thajuddin became senior driver and was given the responsibility of driving the UNHCR Representative.
The father of five children said he was surprised and honoured to receive the award.
He also said that working for the UNHCR has made him grateful for his life.
“I teach my children to always be prepared because bad things can happen. Anyone can be a refugee, you never know. So I teach my children to take care of themselves if something happens to me. I tell my children – look at the world, at what is happening. We are lucky.”

Source :  The Star
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