Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Arrest of 33 refugees in Alor Star

Tenaganita reports it has just received information that about 33 Chin refugees, including women and children, were arrested in Alor Star on 24 February 2012.
A crowded immigration detention camp in Malaysia
The refugees had fled to Malaysia, via Thailand, and were arrested after crossing the border.
The refugee leaders understand that at least 15 of the 33 have been sent to Belantik Immigration Depot. They are currently trying to obtain more information.
If you have any information pertaining to this arrest, please contact Tenaganita’s Refugee Action Programme at: rap[at]
Despite statements by the Home Ministry that the “amnesty period” has been extended to 10 April 2012, refugees and migrants continue to be arrested, detained & whipped.
Key concerns:
  • Detention and deportation of refugees, stateless persons, trafficked victims and other vulnerable populations including children
  • Use of violence by enforcement officers during raids, arrests and detention
  • Violation of rights during arrests and detention : i.e. no access to lawyers, phone call to family, deprivation of basic needs, etc
In order to monitor and respond to this crackdown, several hotline numbers have been set up:
  • Tenaganita: *hotline number pending; email: rap[at]
  • MSRI (hotline for refugees & asylum seekers): +6-012-6628483
  • Suaram: +6-03-7784 3525 / 013 3470860, /
Please send information about raids, rights violations during this crackdown or any other relevant information to:

Source : By Aliran, on 6 March 2012