Sunday, March 4, 2012

An urgent concern and a call for protection

From Lang Hlei Par

My concerns are for the undue threat of arrest, actual arrests, and unjust detainment (involving caning), against the Burmese asylum seekers currently taking refuge in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government is disorganised and abusing innocent people in their process of dealing with refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal migrant workers.
Malaysian is trying to clear the country of the undocumented Illegal Migrant Workers, who have failed to register under the conveniently confusing and constantly changing 6P Programme, by using the force of Rela (ill-trained citizen volunteer corps), Immigration Police, and Malaysian Police.
This planned “Big Sweep” to eradicate all the ‘illegals’ who are in Malaysia to work, is directly threatening Burmese asylum seekers who were victims of one the most brutal military regimes in history.  (The refugees, not asylum seekers, should be protected by the registration with UNHCR, however some UNHCR card holders have been arrested and detained in the past couple of weeks.)
These asylum seekers and refugees need support from the international community to urge the Malaysia and UNHCR to cease all raids, hold a confidential and safe biometric registration (which will provide proof of identity) before any more raids or arrests can take place, to stop using ill-trained law enforcement such as Rela, and to accurately and clearly state what is expected from the 6P programme.
Currently, the registration of the 6P programme is over on the 10 April when the threat of raids will heighten once again.  However, there was even a raid on the morning of Feb 25 at the Kajang Bus Station in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur that involved unjust arrests.
At least seven detainees, from a raid that happened on 5 Dec 5, 2011, who are asylum seekers, had the inhumane and unacceptable punishment of caning while in Kajang prison because they could not provide identification, despite the fact that they have no way to acquire identification.  Those detainees have still not been released.
The protection of these people is necessary to prevent constant fear and further harm for those that have already endured and escaped forced labour, physical abuse and torture, religious persecution to the point of ethnic cleansing, and other violations of their basic human rights in Myanmar.
The protection of these people is necessary to prevent more wasted time and resources for everyone involved.  It is the right thing, to do our best to assist in stopping this crisis of further injustice on humanity.  We must not turn a blind eye to such abuse that is a result of disorganisation and negligence.

Source : FreeMalaysia