Monday, April 2, 2012



A refugee woman recently escaped from an incident of sexual harassment and possible attempted rape exploited by a Bangladeshi worker who had unwelcomingly entered a victim’s accommodation provided by the Chinese employer at a construction site. 

The perpetrator, identified as a Bangladeshi worker, had allegedly entered the victim's accommodation after the man realized a woman was staying alone. The incident occurred at approximately 11 o'clock local time yesterday.

Mrs. Par Zi, from Thangtlang Tsp, had come to Malaysia to reunite with her husband, Lal Hmun Sang, in the mid of 2009 after a long separation. They are registered with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Kuala Lumpur. The couple has four children and currently works at different locations under the same employer.

The mother of four, who has been working at the site for several months, was extremely frightened and had yelled for help while the sexual attacker was collapsed on the floor inside her room. Nobody seemed to have taken notice. The incident was likely to have happened after the man was aroused after the sight of a woman coming out of the shower wrapped only with a sarong

Fortunately, after a quick struggle out of the terrifying situation, the victim managed to contact her employer immediately and was able to inform the husband through their Chinese employer. 

“I was stunned with disbelief at first. But I arrived at the scene shortly after receiving information from my boss about the incident and I confronted the Bangladeshi worker who attempted to rape my wife. But I was constantly stopped by my employer,” the furious husband informed. 

According to his employer, the report has been lodged to the nearest police station and they [the police] are ready to take every appropriate action against the perpetrator.

The Chin Refugee Committee (CRC) condemned the incident and expressed their concern for the personal safety of the victim at her workplace. 

“We will contact the employer to make sure that every refugee working at the construction site is protected from other aliens who are normally offensive against the refugees. Some menial workers are malevolent and harmful to other workers who have basically low self-esteem due to their status,” a coordinator commented. 

The company of workers were stunned and enraged after learning what had happened to the only woman employed as a store keeper within the construction building.

Investigations are expected to be carried out promptly after the victim's family has agreed for the police to take action against the offender who had intentionally entered Mrs. Par Zi accommodation and committed the harassment.