Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reports on Current Detention Situation


Kuala Lumpur (VOCR) 07 April, 2012: Taking a few assessments at Chin refugee center, The VOCR obtains an up-to-date report on dozens of Chin refugees and asylum seekers currently being detained in immigration depots. 
Also, it was learnt that even the minors who are under ten in age are included among the detainees’ list that the Chin community received originally provided by the immigration authority while recently visiting several immigration depots. 
All Chin asylum seeker detainees are known crossing the border in order to rejoin family members who had previously fled the country due to the cruel persecution and human rights violation systematically committed by the Burmese soldiers.
Most of detainees, from southern part of Chin state where persecution is known fiercest, were arrested last month at Bukit Kayuhitem checkpoint in Alor Setar city in Kedah state,­­­ soon after their successful entry into the country through the lead of the human traffickers.   
The VOCR is informed that couple of family with nine children is separately detained in Pekan Nanas immigration depot in Kedah state while the rest of their fellow are still remained held in Alor Setar jail. And many are said to be awaiting court decision which can be made in the very near future. 
Calculating the current numbers since last December, it is believed that at least more than hundreds of Chin refugees are reportedly incarcerated in several detention centers across the region, quoted also NOGs reports as saying.  
Some of young people, according to the Chin community interviewed by The VOCR, who have been recognized as refugees at the depots are widely suffering from mental disorder problem due to the detention pressure and lack of medical access. 
In matters of detention pressure which rapidly causes an increasing mental health issues, detainees at Lenggeng camp in Nageri Sembilan state and Semenyih camp in Selangor have been reported atop as the worst. Even if they are holders of UNHCR document which means recognised refugees, the processing for intervention release is taking a lengthy period of time.  
When asked the doctor, who is allowed to have detention access, regarding the mental issues among refugee detainees, the doctor stated that many feel hopeless on the ground that what is going on every day in detention camps and centers pushes them to instill a sense of hopelessness even though little are known strong enough and can cope with their plight. 
In addition, the matter between whether or not refugees and asylum seekers should be registered in the government biometric registration system in which many are reportedly revealed deported back to their home country otherwise causes an extensively widespread confusion and fear among refugee community on what should be done. 
The next round of raids planned by the government after the government hails today no longer extension on the biometric registration will surely spell a greater aspect of anxiety for all refugees living in Malaysia.