Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4,400 Burmese Migrants in Malaysian Immigration Detention Centres for undocumented migrants

Why are the Burmese migrants returning to Malaysia? Is it because there have been several incidents, where Burmese migrants have been victims of violence and even death? Or is it because of the new crackdown by the Malaysian police where over 1,000 Burmese migrants have been arrested? Who is committing these violence  is unclear? Is it locals or foreigners? Is Malaysia using the 'ethnic clashes' in Burma as a justification for a selective crackdown on Burmese migrants in Malaysia? We have not heard of the status of the police investigations.... And, is it not odd that people (possible witnesses or suspects) are being send back to Burma before the investigations are completed and the alleged perpetrators are brought to justice
Are the Burmese migrants returning of their own free will - or are they really being 'deported'? How many documented migrants have returned - that would be an indicator as to why they are returning? For the undocumented migrants who have been arrested and in detention, leaving to go back to Burma speedily at this time when Myanmar government is supporting, and there are people offering free flight home, many would grab this opportunity rather than continue to languish in the Immigration Detention Centres for undocumented migrants. At present, there are 4,400 undocumented migrants in Malaysia's Immigration Detention Centres for undocumented migrants... that is really a very large number...

Sadly, even alternative media that reports seem to be biased in their reporting when it comes to this issue? Their 'independence' may be affected possibly by personal reasons or bias when it comes to this issue... After all, the Burmese Muslim groups have come out and stated that they are not involved...

“We don’t know who did these attacks,” says San Win, chairman of the Malaysia Myanmar Free Funeral Service, a Kuala Lumpur-based group that assists Burmese migrants. Flicking through gory photos of roughly stitched victims of the violence, he adds, “but we think it could be the Rohingya people.”

The president of the Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHOM), Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani, disputes this speculation.

“This is not correct,” he says, citing previous attacks by Buddhists on Muslims in Burma, which he says did not prompt sectarian reprisals in Malaysia. “We have to respect Malaysian law and if any Rohingya breaks the law, we don’t support it,” Abdul Ghani adds. - The Irrawaddy, 13/6/2013, Burmese Migrant Community in Malaysia Simmers after Attacks

Some believe that  Rohingya are getting more organized and stand stronger after Malaysia had organized International Conference for Rohinya in Burma.