Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hydrocephalus Over Chin Refugees in Malaysia

Three Chin Refugees are in intensive care as they are suffering from Hydrocephalus disease (water on the brain) in GHKL (General Hospital Kuala Lumpur). They all fell suddenly down and when they rushed to hospital, hospital informed that they need operation. Ms .Nan Don Hau from Tedim Township had been operated on her head on 19-07-2009 and according to her husband she needs to do another operation else on tomorrow evening. Her husband is recognized as refugee but she is still unregistered with UNHCR. She was fallen down and rushed to Putra Jaya hospital but later transferred to GHKL. Doctors from GHKL are still looking for the cause and it is still unclear (no result). The other patient Mr. Ngun Tha Cung was fallen down on 14-07-2009 at his residence Jalan Ipoh. According to hospital authority, he has to pay around RM 2500 for operation and additional RM 500 for the bill. But a nurse told VOCR that, “He will not become normal as half of his body was paralyzed and he needs to do exercise regularly to recover completely”; she continued, “If he can pay his medication bills, he can be discharged from hospital now”. However, as he cannot afford to pay the bills, he is still laying in hospital bed. His poor brother is roaming around and trying to borrow some money from other Chin Refugees in Kuala Lumpur for his elder brother’s bill. Another patient from Mindat Mr. Ngei Thiang Hun is also being treated at GHKL for hydrocephalus in the same ward. He was a worker from plantation field in Cameron Highlands and was admitted to Ipoh hospital for the same disease. According to a nurse, “He is going to have operation this evening and we had already informed his brother who is working in Kuantan,” but, as he arrived recently that he doesn’t know how to come to the hospital. Ngei Thiang Hun got an appointment card from UNHCR office for his interview but the hospital didn’t accept the appointment card for 50 % discount that he is also facing financial problem.
In Malaysia, refugees patient who have UNHCR card get 50% discount for their medical bills but who doesn’t have the UNHCR card cannot get any discount. So, the UNHCR card holders have less hardship than the one who doesn’t have UNHCR card in case of health problem.