Sunday, August 17, 2014

Help Burmese Migrants and Refugee Communities


Volunteers help migrant schools and communities. And the qualified volunteer may help with health care work.

Burmese and other ethnic minority groups, Karen etc., migrants and refugees live in very simple and unhealthy conditions, escaping even harsher conditions in their homeland. Burmese migrants not only have very poor education opportunities but also suffer severe health problems.


The Mae Sot region by the Burma border. You stay in Mae Sot town, host family or guesthouse or in the mountains, at a school or with a host family.

Mae Sot is a town by the Myanmar border with the Friendship Bridge linking it to Myawaddi in Myanmar. Burmese, Karen, Thais mix with Chinese and other ethnic groups.

All year round. Monthly volunteer training offered in Thailand to prepare volunteers
Volunteers – Who?

Dedicated volunteers willing to put in an effort are welcome, ready for simple living and an extraordinary and life changing experience!
What you can do as a volunteer
Teach English, focusing on practice and conversation
Computer training
Combined English and computer training
Child care
Health care
Projects and people we help

Volunteers go to local schools, very poor migrant learning centers and their communities in the Mae Sot Region and mountains.

We also invite young migrants to our Thailand Training Center to train them, together with overseas volunteers, so one day they can go back to help their friends who are not allowed to travel in Thailand.

How to apply

Contact us for more information and to discuss what you can do

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